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At UnderOneWoof, we aim to change the fate of the canines. We believe in the welfare of the voiceless, respect for the defenceless and inspire hearts to show kindness, love and care.

In 2015, Sim our UnderOneWoof founder took over the shelter from an aunty with 70+ dogs. She was diagnose with cancer and knew her days were numbered. For the love of the canines, Sim formed UnderOneWoof in 2017 with 100+ dogs.

Today, the family has grown to as big as 170+ furries and our home is at Jinjang. We were happily calling it – our home, till that dreadful day on 31st July 2018. DBKL gave us an eviction notice with 14DAYS to leave our home!

To continue to keep all 170 furries safe – We Need A New Home.

Fortunately, we are blessed with a piece of land at Bentong and a kind politician has assisted us to write an appeal of six months to relocate to our new home.

We now have to clear the land and build our new home, which would require RM150,000 or more.

Will you help us? So we can continue to keep our furries safe, healthy and happy.
Every cents count, no amount is too small..!




为了继续收留这些无辜的狗,我们需要一个新家!庆幸的是,有位善​​心人士给予我们一块位于彭亨州文冬的土地 ,当地政治人物也帮助我们上诉延长六个月搬迁期限!我们现在必须进行一系列的工程,以尽早搬离目前的家。整个工程预计需要至少150千马币以上!


Donation details
  • Bank Account Details: Maybank
  • Account #: 562768417376
  • Swift code (For International Banking): MBBEMYKL

Why donate?

  • We need to build a new shelter urgently or  these dogs will be homeless within 5 months. 
  • Abandoned, rescued and abused pets need a safe, warm place to live until they are adopted.
  • If the dogs get sick or injured, we will need to provide medical treatment.
  • UOW spends a lot of money on making sure all rescued pets are spayed and neutered.
  • If you donate, maybe your friends will do!

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